COLORIMETER WPA CO7500B BATTERY 440-680nm 240V 50/60HZ A.C.

COLORIMETER WPA CO7500B BATTERY 440-680nm 240V 50/60HZ A.C.

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Biochrom WPA CO7500 series are compact, robust, low-cost colorimeters for educational or quality control use.

General specifications:

  • Straightforward operation using five push-button controls, colour filter wheel with 8 wavelength filters, and large, clear digital display
  • Accept 10mm square or 16mm diameter round cells (also 10 and 12mm dia. tubes using accessory adapter set)
  • Choice of mains or rechargeable battery powered models
 440 to 680
 Wavelength selection
 8 gelatine filters in a filter wheel, 440, 470,
 490, 520, 550, 580, 590 and 680
 ±0.2A at 1A
 % transmission 
 absorbance, A
 0 to 199
 -0.3 to 1.99
 % transmission 
 Kinetics function
 Outputs,       analogue
 0 to 2V for 0 to 2A and 0 to 1.99V for
 0 to 199%T via 2 x 4mm sockets
 Built-in NiMH rechargeable battery and adapter requiring a 220-240V
 50/60Hz supply
 Overall W x D x H
 150 x 180 x 60 
 Weight  kg  0.6















Supplied with pack of 10 x 10mm plastic cuvettes, RS232 and 2 x 4mm analogue outputs, built-in rechargeable battery, mains adapter and instructions. For 220-240V 50/60Hz single phase supplies.