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Compact, bench mounting water system which can produce Type I ultrapure water for HPLC, GFAAS (graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry), ion chromatography, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission or plasma mass spectrometry and life science applications. Alternatively, Type III reverse osmosis water is available for less demanding applications such as autoclave feed, steam generators and hydroponics.

  • Designed for use with pre-purified or mains feedwater
  • Incorporates reverse osmosis prefilter cartridge, photo-oxidation module with UV lamp to destroy micro-organisms and break down trace organic compounds to assist in the reduction of Total Organic Carbon (TOC), microfiltration and purification modules including deionisation and organic compound absorption
  • Continuous recirculation eliminates static water zones, maintaining water quality and inhibiting microbial growth
  • Manual dispensing unit on supported flex with display of purity, TOC and dispensing rate
  • USB interface with data output for system performance validation
  • Accessories include wall mounting kit, foot pedal control switch, leak sensor, sanitisation cartridge, biofilter which reduces DNase, RNase and bacteria from the output water, and ‘Point-of-use’ filter which provides conformance to international standards CLSI, CLRW, ISO 3696 Grade I, 2 and 3, ASTM, D1193-06, USP, EP and JP
Model, Purelab- flex 3
Feed Water
Quality       Potable water <2000µS/cm (purification pack life may vary with feed waters >1400µS/cm)      
Hardness, ppm CaCO3               
Free chlorine, ppm CL2
Chlorine, ppm CL2
Total chlorine, ppm CL2
Silica, ppm SiO2
Carbon dioxide, ppm     
Fouling index <10                           
TOC <2ppm
Iron/manganese <0.05ppm
Particulates 0.2µm prefilter recommended for non-RO feeds
Drain (gravity fall with air gap L/hr)               >90
Pressure min./max. psi 30/90 (boost pump required if feed water pressure <60 psi - details on request)
Treated water  
Daily volume, litres <10
Flow rate, litres/min <2
Organics (TOC) <5ppb
Inorganics (resistivity at 25oC) 18.2
Internal reservoir Type III/RO water (better than/equal to Type III reverse osmosis water)
Bacteria, typical  
with point of use filter (accessory)  <1 CFU/10ml
with biofilter (accessory) <1 CFU/10ml
Endotoxins with biofilter <0.001 EU/ml
DNase with biofilter (accessory) <20pg/ml
RNase with biofilter (accessory) <0.02ng/ml
Overall H x W x D, mm 900 (1020 with dispense flex extended)  x 236 x 470
Weight, full, kg 23
Supply requirements 100-240V 50/60Hz single phase, 100W





























As described. For 100-240V 50/60Hz single phase supplies and feed water quality as indicated. Requires, but is not supplied with DB304-59 for operation.