FURNACE MTF12/25/250-301PID 1200/1150ºC 208-240V 50HZ A.C.

FURNACE MTF12/25/250-301PID 1200/1150ºC 208-240V 50HZ A.C.

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  • Outer mesh safety guard
  • Energy efficient, utilising low thermal mass insulation
  • Fully protected thermocouple between the work tube exterior and heating element allows full use of the work tube internal diameter

Eurotherm 301 PID Controller

Economical, general purpose temperature controller with a 4-digit display for setting and indicating actual measured temperatures. Ideal for applications where optimal control performance, product integrity and reliability are required.

 Model      MTF12/25/250            
 Temp. Max./Continuous        oC    1200/1100
 Work tube bore x length, mm    25 x 300   
  heated length, mm 250
  uniform zone*, mm    60
 Dimensions       height, mm      375
  width, mm 370
  depth, mm 375
 Weight kg 10
 Rating, max. kW 0.7








 *Uniform zone is ±0.5oC

With horizontal fixed wound wire element and impervious ceramic tube mounted on a control module. For 230V 50Hz single phase supplies.

Safety Note - please check before ordering that the supply current is suitable for the power rating of the furnace.