FURNACE ELF11/14B-301PID 1100ºC 14L 208-240V 50HZ A.C.

FURNACE ELF11/14B-301PID 1100ºC 14L 208-240V 50HZ A.C.

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  • Double skin construction in chamber furnaces reduces outer case temperature
  • Only high grade fibre, brick and slab insulation materials used
  • No asbestos used in construction
  • Automatic cut-out isolates the mains supply to the heating elements when chamber door is opened
  • Safety mesh guards or double skin casing fitted to tube furnaces
  • Fitted with ceramic chimney
  • Counterweighted chamber drop down doors
  • Outer case finished in a durable stoved epoxy/polyester powder coating

Eurotherm 301 PID Controller

Economical, general purpose temperature controller with a 4-digit display for setting and indicating actual measured temperatures. Ideal for applications where optimal control performance, product integrity and reliability are required.

 Model      ELF11/14            
 Temp. Max./Continuous        oC    1100/1000
 Heating time        mins     40 (1000oC)
 Volume litres 14   
 Controller   301 PID digital     
 Chimney   Yes
 Dimensions, internal (external)        height, mm      210 (630)
  width, mm 220 (450)
  length, mm 310 (520)
 Weight kg 31
 Rating, max. kW 3









With one-piece moulded ceramic fibre chamber with integral heating elements, built-in hearth, ceramic chimney, drop down door and vent. Fitted with Model 301 digital controller. For 230V 50Hz single phase supplies.

Safety Note - please check before ordering that the supply current is suitable for the power rating of the furnace.