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  • Suitable for sterilising both instruments and glassware

  • Stainless steel construction

  • All models operate at 121°C

  • Capacities 15 or 30 litres

  • All models include

    —  adjustable pressure relief safety valve

    —  pressure and temperature dial gauges

    —  air release cock and drain syphon

    — resettable thermal cut-out (electric models only)

The drain tube removes steam and water and the partial vacuum created after sterilisation is used to dry the contents of the chamber.

Gas models require an external heat source which is not supplied. Temperature control is manual by adjustment of a pressure release valve.

Electric models have built-in electric heaters (a single 2kW element). ST1528 and ST3028 models feature electronic temperature control. Alternative ‘Vario’ automatic cycle control models are available with a choice of three pre-set and one operator  programmable cycles including adjustable temperature maximum 121°C and time from 1 to 99 minutes. Additionally a free-steaming  facility  with self-sealing  aircock allows unattended operation. All electric models are supplied for use on 230-250V a.c. single phase supplies.

Lid closures. All models have a quick access twist locking lid mechanism with nylon handled wingnuts and separate nylon lid handle.