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Astell Swiftlock autoclaves

  • Variable temperature range, 100 to 138°C (0.2 to 2.4bar)
  • Fully automatic once filled with water
  • Stainless steel vessel
  • Manufactured in accordance with PED97/23EC
  • Eco-friendly design – low water and low power consumption; the chamber is designed so the minimum amount of water is needed per cycle
  • Base tray / shelf
  • Thermocouple validation gland with easy access panel
  • Gauge test port
  • Safety valve test cycle
  • Over temperature and over pressure cut-out
  • Cool interlock (80°C) - fluid cycles only
  • One of the largest easy to use icon driven colour touchscreen’s on any benchtop/compact  sterilizer


Chamber: Grade 316L stainless steel to BS5500 cat. 3, with thermocouple entry port and chamber cleaning drain.

Outer case: Epoxy-coated, zinc-primed, steel panels on corrosion resistant, light alloy internal frame.

Door closure: Patented ‘Swiftlock’ fast, shoot bolt door, single action closure mechanism. Only when the door/lid is fully closed will the programmer commence the cycle and a safety locking bolt is automatically engaged.


Controls and fittings:

‘Securetouch’ programmer and cycle monitor with five pre-set programmes providing ideal sterilisation conditions for typical loads; liquids, instruments, glassware and discard. A large, 145mm, colour touchscreen display allows easy control of processes, continuous readout of programme information, times, temperatures, warnings with audible alarms, pressure, cycle stage, cycle count and a graphical output of the current cycle with USB port to backup and restore configuration data, customer cycles, cycle logs fault diagnosis and programming. A “virtual printer” function stores cycle details for easy down-load to an accessory PC or external printer via a secondary USB, ethernet or RS232 interfaces provided. Additional selectable parameters include timed free steaming, and controlled drying for instrument  and glassware  cycles (Ecofill  models only). ‘Classic’  models additionally feature a media Holdwarm function to maintain culture media in a liquid state after processing.  A PIN-protected  programme  lock enables re-programming of pre-set parameters by authorised personnel. A separate analogue pressure gauge is also provided.


Condensate drainage:

Ecofill models feature an automatic water fill/recirculation system with reservoir that provides sufficient water for up to 20 cycles. Condensate and residue chamber water is returned to the reservoir after each cycle for re-use, providing a self-contained system.

Classic models have a removable, integral condensate drain bottle. Alternatively when using liquid or discard cycles waste water can be fed to an external vent rather than the drain bottle, useful where blockage contamination is anticipated. Note: the autoclave must be refilled after every cycle in this mode.

Safety features:

  • Pressure activated door lock  
  • Overheat protection
  • Two thermal cooling locks in compliance with HSE.PM73
  • Audio-visual end of cycle, cycle fault, cycle interruption
  • Sterilisation failure, water low and door unlocked alarms

With ‘Securetouch’ 5-programmer/controller, ‘Swiftlock’ door closure and automatic or manual filling as indicated and base shelf (Front loading models) or basket support plate (top loading models). For 230V 50/60Hz single phase 13A supply.