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Duran® 21 106 series, low form

With approximate graduations (except 10 litre size) marking spot and spout. To ISO 3819. The properties of Duran® are specified in ISO 3585. Contrasting with other borosilicate 3.3 glasses, Duran® is particularly known for its highly consistent, technically reproducible quality.

General specifications:
The maximum permissible operating temperature is 500 °C. Above 525 °C the glass begins to soften and then above 860°C it changes to the liquid state. Duran® can be cooled down to the maximum possible negative temperature and is therefore suitable for use with liquid nitrogen (at aproximately – 196°C). In general Duran® products are recommended for use down to – 70 °C. During thawing, please ensure that the temperature difference does not exceed 100 K. Duran® glassware is characterised by high resistance to changes in temperature (ΔT=100 K). With its very low coefficient of linear expansion (3.3 x 10–6 K–1), literally no stress builds up within the article when rapid temperature changes occur.

This optimum physical and chemical performance ensures that Duran® is the ideal material for use in the laboratory.