COLORIMETER PFXi195/7 120, 240V 50/60HZ

COLORIMETER PFXi195/7 120, 240V 50/60HZ

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Tintometer Lovibond® PFXi-series are low cost spectrophotometric colorimeters for consistent, reliable, automatic, electronic measurement of colour for specific dedicated applications involving liquids or transparent solids. They are ideal for routine analysis and quality control.

  • 9 built-in interference filters with automatic selection
  • Operator prompting in choice of 9 languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese
  • RS232, USB and LAN outputs
  • Supplied with Windows™-based control/downloading/analysis software which also enables the generation of spectral and CIE programmes

General Specifications:

CIE Colour Scales
All instruments allow the operator to select measurement of samples to CIE specifications of xy chromaticity co-ordinates, luminance factor, L*a*b* colour space (CIE LAB), Delta E, optical density, % transmission and % absorption.
 Spectral response
 420 to 710
 Band width
 (using deionised water)
 Chromaticity (x, y): 
 Single key press
 Light source
 5V, 10W tungsten-halogen lamp 
 CIE illuminant A, C, D65 (B for PFXi195/4) 
 Sample chamber
 mm  0.1 to 50 path length cells
   RS232, USB, LAN
 Data storage
   100,000 measurements
 Overall W x D x H
 435 x 195 x 170 
 Weight  kg  6.8













Colorimeter PFXi-195/7 specifications:

Scales: ICUMSA (420, 560, 710nm), Honey colour (Pfund equivalents), Series 52 (Brown)

For 90-240V 50/60Hz single phase supplies. Supplied with 1 x 10mm path length cell.