COMPUDIL 3 DILUTER 110-120V 210-240V 50/60HZ A.C.

COMPUDIL 3 DILUTER 110-120V 210-240V 50/60HZ A.C.

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Easy to use, digitally controlled diluter for routine dilution and dispensing.

  • Ranges 1µl to 5ml sample 50µl to 25ml diluent using accessory syringes and valve blocks
  • Simple keypad programming for all mainstream liquid handling procedures. Standard protocols include:
    • 4 types of conventional dulting
    • 6 types of conventional dispensing
    • Liquid transfer and wash
    • Serial dilution mode
  • Precise, C.V. better than ±0.1% of full syringe of volume
  • 45 programme memory
  • RS232 interface allows bi-directional programme and procedural information exchange with user's PC for GLP accreditation requirements and remote programming
  • Inert liquid pathway
  • Easily manipulated handet to minimise fatigue
  • Low dead volume (1ml: 95% recoverable)
  • Operating speeds 2 to 15 seconds for full syringe stroke depending on syringe and tubing size used
  • Optional footswitch allows hands-free operation.


A total of 10 different sizes of syringe fit the Compudil ‘3’ allowing one diluter to be used for sample volumes between 1µl and 5ml, and diluent volumes up to 25ml (using relevant valve blocks). Threaded connectors allow quick and easy exchange of syringes and once the relevant syringe volumes are keyed in the details are retained on the diluters memory. Digital control allows a full syringe to be dispensed in up to 5000 steps with the volumes dispensed or retained available to be displayed if required.

Valve blocks

Accessory valve blocks allow the use of alternative tubing bores and sample/diluent syringes as indicated.

Compudil 3 Diluter

With tubing kit, handset and valve block. The valve block supplied depends on the sample and diluent syringes ordered separately with the instrument. Materials in contact with liquids are glass and PTFE based. Overall 300 x 200 x 215mm. Weight 9.5kg. For 100-120V and 210-240V 50/60Hz single phase supplies. Requires, but is not supplied with, accessory syringes for operation.