Product Code: MG055-10

Manufacturers Code: 03010-41 (formerly Electrothermal IA9200)


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The  Cole-Parmer MP-250D-P operates from a low voltage source for safety and convenience. The viewing arm is adjustable in length and angle to ensure that the samples are easily seen and also to prevent operator fatigue. When not in use the viewing head folds flat for easy storage. A x8 magnifier with wide viewing angle and high intensity illumination allows good visibility of the three sample capillaries. The oven used to heat the samples is microprocessor controlled to provide the fastest warm up and the most accurate temperature control. Capillary tubes up to 2mm diameter can be used and the tube guide is removable for cleaning and insertion of the cold finger.

  • Maximum temperature 400°C
  • Adjustable viewing head
  • Low voltage operation
  • 40mm x8 magnification viewing lens with adjustable focus
  • Membrane keypad
  • Melt temperature storage
  • Fast warm-up
  • White LED-illuminated sample chamber
  • Optional printer
  • Date/time facility
  • RS232-C and USB ports

Model MP-250D-P

Additionally to the MP-250D-F functions, the MP-250D-P has five different standard temperature ramps or it can be programmed by the operator to use any temperature increase rate from 0.2°C to 10°C per minute in 0.1°C steps. An output connector allows interface with the PR2000S printer accessory or other peripheral devices. A USB output is also provided for use with accessory flash drives. A real-time clock enables the printing of date and time. A batch memory allows the storage of up to 1000 sets of results and conditions.

 Model      MP-250D-P
 Range             Ambient to 400oC
 Resolution           0.1oC
 Accuracy at          20oC     ±0.5oC/±1 digit     
  350oC     ±1oC/±1 digit
 Display         12mm high 4 digit liquid crystal   
 Capillary tubes   Capacity 3 up to 2mm diameter      
 Memory   4 temperatures. Up to 1000 batch
 Outputs   RS232-C and printer sockets, USB to accessory flash drive         
 Power input 230V 50/60Hz single phase
  output     15V
 Overall width x depth, mm        200 x 355
  height extended, mm     450
  closed, mm 80
 Weight kg 2.5





Maximum temperature 400°C. With 16 position membrane keypad, temperature and batch memory, programmed, adjustable 0.2 to 10°C/min ramp rate facility, USB flash drive output, printer socket and RS232 interface. Supplied with power supply for 230V 50/60Hz single phase input and storage capacity for 100 capillary tubes.