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An easy-to-use system for monitoring microbes in industrial fluids.

  • For use in applications including: 
    • compliance with L8 (Legionella bacteria control in water systems) directives set out by the UK Health and Safety Executive
    • microbial control to extend working life of fluids, filters and pumps
    • corrosion prevention in machines, tanks and pipes by minimising the amount of microbial metabolites
    • enhancing the microbial quality of final products
  • Standard Combi: a two-medium dipslide for checking total bacterial counts as well as yeast and fungi. With TTC medium and Rose-Bengal medium

Comprise plastic outer sample tube and screw cap which is attached to an inner plastic sampling paddle. Agar medium slides are cast into the paddle (with TTC and Rose-Bengal agar cast respectively on alternate sides). In use the paddle is removed from the outer tube and immersed in the liquid under test or exposed to liquid spray or mist then returned to the outer tube and incubated. Any microbial growth appearing after incubation can be interpreted with the aid of a card giving approximate contamination levels in terms of colony numbers. Supplied with results interpretation card and instructions.