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Conical or Cup (also known as Bell) pattern, Pharmacist’s dispensing measures, manufactured in crystal soda glass and complying with BS 1922:1987+A2:2011 (British Standard specification for glass dispensing measures for pharmaceutical purposes). They allow accurate and legal measuring, compounding and dispensing of liquid medicines (liquids, solutions, suspensions, syrups, elixirs and mixtures). They can also be used to dispense liquids for sale to the public in situations where local Trading Standards may specifically require a Government Stamped dispensing device.

Each measure is hand-engraved with graduations accurate to traceable national standards and Government stamped following verification. A traceable, batch test serial number is also individually engraved onto each measure. Scale figures are sandblasted into the glass to remain permanent even after prolonged use and multiple washes (measures should be hand washed after every use to prevent cross-contamination). Designed with a sturdy, wide base to maintain stability, even when full, and a generous pouring lip for ease-of-use with more viscous liquids.

Care and safety

Please note: these measures are not heat-resistant and therefore should not be directly heated, nor autoclaved. Care should be taken during handling as the glass may chip or splinter if the measure is dropped or knocked against a rigid surface, leaving sharp edges that may become a cut hazard.


Measures with capacities and graduations other than those listed, including Unstamped Imperial Measures are available to order.

Standard Measures can be produced for left-handed use - details on request.

Please request a quotation giving full details of your requirements including the quantity.