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Complies with EN149:2001 FFP2. Maintenance free. 92% efficient against fine particulates and water- based aerosols down to 0.5 micron. Maximum usage level 12 x OEL*.

*OEL: Occupational Exposure Limit of contaminant as specified in relevant Guidance Notes from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Warning on the use of Masks and Respirators

Masks and respirators should be used in well ventilated areas, minimum 19.5% oxygen (manufacturer’s definition of minimum oxygen requirements). They should not be used for escape purposes and are not suitable for use by operatives with facial hair that restricts direct contact between the face and the mask/ respirator edge. The wearer should immediately leave the work area and remove the respirator if:

  • (a) difficulty with breathing occurs
  • (b) they become dizzy or distressed
  • (c) the respirator is damaged in any way

Safety note

These respirators should only be used where the gas/vapour has good warning properties i.e. strong smell or taste. They are not suitable for use in atmospheres immediately dangerous to health or life.