Electronic balance Ohaus PX124 120 x 0.0001g 230V 50Hz a.c.

Electronic balance Ohaus PX124 120 x 0.0001g 230V 50Hz a.c.

Product Code: BB587-44

Manufacturers Code: 30429803


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Pioneer series balances

Designed for routine weighing tasks in a variety of laboratory, industrial and educational applications.


  • Choice of InCal™ internal or external calibration models
  • Large, backlit, twin-line, LCD display with wide viewing angle
  • Choice of selectable units: mg, g, ct, N, lb, oz, ozt, dwt, ti, tl, mo, Ba, gn, tla, mesgl and custom
  • Parts counting, percentage weighing and dynamic weighing functions
  • 4-button operation of multiple application modes
  • GLP output via RS232 or USB of balance ID, with spaces for recording user and project ID’s, time and date
  • Selectable environmental filter settings
  • Analytical models have an easily dismantled draught shield for easy cleaning with a static removal bar to discharge any static that has accumulated prior to handling samples
  • Weigh-below hook for density/specific gravity determination
  • Integral menu and calibration lock
  • Front visible levelling bubble
     Model       PX124
     Capacity        g         120
     Readability         g  0.0001
     Linearity  mg  ±0.2
     Calibration  internal
     Pan diameter  mm  90   
     Stabilisation time          sec.     4
     Overall W x H x D  mm  209 x 321 x 309
     Weight  kg  4.5







    With four button operation, RS232 and USB output interfaces, weigh below facility and a.c. adapter for 230V 50Hz single phase supplies.

    Accessory calibration weights - see BD912-series.