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Low-cost, modular, bacteriological fermenter equally suited to simple or more specialist applications in both educational or industrial environments.

  • Vessel size: 2 litres
  • Powerful, direct drive agitation system
  • Pt100 temperature sensor for accurate temperature monitoring by separate controller
  • Wrap-around, silicone heater blanket operates at low-voltage and is washable
  • pH control module with acid/alkali peristaltic pump dosing and autoclavable, gel filled electrode
  • Dissolved oxygen measurement module with stainless steel, autoclavable, polargraphic probes


Comprises 2 litre borosilicate glass vessel with rigid frame. The 316L stainless steel top plate features 7 x 12mm and 5 x 6.3mm accessory ports for maximum versatility. O-ring seals are mounted on the sterile side of ports to assure sterility and avoid cross contamination. Removable twin baffle and cooling coil ensure cleaning of the vessel is quick and easy.

Agitation and temperature module

Agitation is provided by a vessel-mounted, powerful d.c. direct drive motor which is locked to the stirrer paddle so that it cannot be removed accidentally. Both agitation and temperature are controlled by the same module, which uses an industrial-grade Pt100 sensor for stable measurement with temperature displayed on an LED readout. Cooling is on-demand, operated by a valve mounted on a separate service plate, thus separating water and electrics.

pH module

Provides continuous display of the vessel pH which can be switched to control set-point at any time. Dual peristaltic pumps separately dispense acid and alkali to allow acid/base compensation during the fermentation process. A threaded, autoclavable, gel filled electrode provides monitoring and locks firmly into the vessel top plate to prevent accidental movement or damage and provides monitoring.

Dissolved Oxygen module

Provides continuous readout of D.O. on the LED display via stainless steel, autoclavable, polarographic electrodes and includes calibration controls for both zero and gain of the D.O. electrode.

Working volume       litres    2
Total volume         litres 2.7
Ports 6.3mm dia.    6      
  12mm dia. 5
Agitation          Direct drive with powerful 60 watt d.c. motor  
Speed range rpm 50 to 1100
Display range     oC 0 to 100
  pH 0 to 14
Operating range  oC from 5 above cooling water to 50
  pH 4 to 10
  D.O. % 0 to 120
Heater  Watts 60
Module W x D x H    
Temperature/agitator      mm 265 x 240 x 127
pH  mm 265 x 240 x 167
D.O.  mm 265 x 240 x 187













Comprising 2 litre vessel, Fermac 230 module with agitation, temperature, D.O. monitor with polargraphic probe, pH controller with autoclavable electrode and acid/base peristaltic pumps, supply/sensor leads and basic instructions. Supplied with support frame, top plate, heater blanket, Pt100 sensor, stainless steel condenser, cooling coil, air sparge tube, port blanking plugs, 3-way inlet, service plate, temp./agitator controller with drive motor and 2 x impellors, supply leads and instruction manual. For 230V 50Hz single phase supplies (separate supply required for each module).