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Low-cost, single channel, emission flame photometer with analogue output and digital display.

  • Choice of 5 element filters selected by slide; - Na, K, Li, Ca, Ba
  • Modular design reduces footprint and aids dismantling for cleaning
  • Automatic flame optimisation and auto-ignition
  • LCD readout with display hold, LED flame status and element filter selection lamps
  • Safety features include fail-safe flame detection and shut-off, with low air pressure indicator
  • Large working area with spill containment tray
  • Supplied with universal switch-mode power supply and multi-plug
  • Analogue output for recorder
Model      360
Sensitivity             Minimum concentrations producing a display reading of 100 scale units: Na: 1ppm, K: 0.5ppm, Li: 1ppm, Ca: 20ppm*, Ba: 300ppm*
Minimum detection level at 3x noise   Na, K, Li: 0.1ppm, Ca: 2ppm*, Ba: 20ppm* 
Linearity, % value at 50% value   Na, K, Li: ±2% at 3ppm, Ca: ±2% at 100ppm, Ba: ±2% at 1000ppm  
Specificity          Na, K, Li interference is <0.5% value of element under analysis
Reproducibility   <1.5% (single reading), <1.0% (20 consecutive readings) from 10ppm, K solutions set to 1000*
Result display   Manual estimation
Result storage   No
Ouput   Fixed analogue, 0.2V FSD
Dimensions mm    330 x 230 x 500
Weight  kg 5.6
Services required    
Electrical   100-240V 50/60Hz single phase
Air   Moisture and oil free 6 litres/minute at 1kg/cm2
Gas   High grade propane, butane or propane/butane mixture. Fuel should be free from heavy hydrocarbon deposits and regulated to 30 p.s.i. at the cylinder. Natural gas at 3" to 10" W.G. is also suitable (please note restrictions below)


 *May not be achievable if fuel gas is natural gas.

With Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba filters, fuel and air connections, 1000ppm standard solutions. Requires, but does not include, an air compressor of the correct type and gas regulator. For 100-240V 50/60Hz single phase supplies.

Additional element filters for Rb, Cs and Sr are available - details on request.