FLUIDISED BATH FSB-200-240 (SBS-4) 50º TO 500ºC 220-240V 50/60HZ

FLUIDISED BATH FSB-200-240 (SBS-4) 50º TO 500ºC 220-240V 50/60HZ

Product Code: BK502-12

Manufacturers Code: 01184-02 (F932D)


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Cole-Parmer FSB-200-series fluidised baths

High temperature  dry baths which are pollution free and safer replacements for traditional oil and salt baths.

A fluidised bath consists of a loosely packed mass of solid particles through which an upward flow of gas is passed. In this fluidised state the particles become mobile, and the bath as a whole displays many of the properties of a liquid. However, since the bath is composed of tiny inert aluminium oxide particles, freezing, boiling and evaporation are totally eliminated.

The dry, inert particles do not adhere to immersed objects, neither do they cause corrosion. The particles have a gentle motion that is non-abrasive.

The mobility of the bath ensures rapid heat transfer and excellent temperature uniformity.

These baths require a clean air supply at a pressure of 21KN/m2  (3psi) and maximum flow of 57 litres/minute.

General specifications:

 Temperature range
 50 to 500
 Stability at 50ºC
 Tank internal depth x diameter 
 140 x 178 
 Power rating
 3 x 1.5
 Overall diameter x height
 335 x 462








For 220-240V 50/60Hz single phase supplies. Without air supply or alundum fluidising media - details on request.