QIAcard FTA Micro Cards WB120210 PK.100

QIAcard FTA Micro Cards WB120210 PK.100

Product Code: MW200-25

Manufacturers Code: WB120210


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QIAcard FTA® products from Qiagen provide users with an established range of effective tools and innovative solutions for the collection, purification and transportation of nucleic acids.

FTA® is a chemical treatment that allows for the rapid isolation of pure DNA. When samples are applied to FTA®-treated paper or card, cell lysis occurs and high molecular weight DNA is immobilised within the matrix. Amplification or restriction enzyme digestion can be performed directly on the treated paper without the need for extensive extraction procedures.


  • Rapid isolation of pure DNA
  • Designed to kill pathogens and prevent future colonisation by bacteria of fungi
  • Protects DNA from microbial and environmental degradation
  • Archive samples at room temperature
  • Reduces potential for cross-contamination between samples
  • Eliminates shearing forces associated with conventional extraction methods


  • Capture and store nucleic acids in one step
  • Reduces handling, saving time and money
  • Stabilises genomic DNA at room temperature for over eleven years

QIAcard FTA® Micro cards are FTA®  treated, 37.5 x 37.5mm cards designed for collection and transport of biological materials:

  • All cells are lysed, even from solid tissue
  • Bacteria and viruses are inactivated, providing non-hazardous samples
  • Biological samples can be collected, transported and stored at room temperature
  • Cards can be punched to provide clean DNA samples for easy transfer to PCR reaction vessels
  • Amplifications possible on biological samples stored on cards at room temperature for ten years