FURNACE AAF11/7-301PID 1100ºC 6.9L 208-240V 50HZ A.C.

FURNACE AAF11/7-301PID 1100ºC 6.9L 208-240V 50HZ A.C.

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  • Upward action parallel link door keeps hot face away from the operator
  • Preheated, high-rate airflow is held close over the samples by the low chamber roof to promote burning
  • Fitted chimney to remove fumes
  • Complies with BS1016 part 4, ISO344, ISO1171, ASTM D2361, ASTM D2795 and ASTM D3174

Eurotherm 301 PID Controller

Economical, general purpose temperature controller with a 4-digit display for setting and indicating actual measured temperatures. Ideal for applications where optimal control performance, product integrity and reliability are required.

 Model      AAF11/7            
 Temp. Max./Continuous        oC    1100/1000
 Heating time        mins     155 (1000oC)
 Volume litres 7   
 Dimensions, internal (external*)        height, mm      90 (650)
  width, mm 170 (430)
  length, mm 455 (740)
 Weight kg 63
 Rating, max. kW 4







*External dimensions are with the doors closed.

With 301PID controller, chimney and preheated airflow through the chamber. Supplied with inconel sample tray, perforated sample tray and removable handle. For 230V 50Hz single phase supplies.

Safety Note - please check before ordering that the supply current is suitable for the power rating of the furnace.

Coal/Coke Test Products

We are able to supply a full range of test furnaces and ovens for coal and coke evaluation to meet international standards and specifically national standards including DIN, ASTM and BS. These include ashing, volatile matter, moisture and ash fusibility – details on request.