FURNACE CWF11/23-301PID 1100/1050ºC 23L 208-240V 50HZ A.C.

FURNACE CWF11/23-301PID 1100/1050ºC 23L 208-240V 50HZ A.C.

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  • Upward action parallel link door keeps hot face away from the operator
  • Heating elements are spirally wound nickel chrome wire, held in grooves within the insulated wall. These free-radiating, exposed heating elements provide a faster heat up rate than other conventional muffle furnaces
  • Door linked, power cut-off switch for total operator safety
  • Double skin, asbestos-free design provides natural air cooling for a cool outer case and the latest insulation materials ensure maximum thermal efficiency
  • Solid state power switching for smooth reliable control
  • Fitted chimney to remove fumes
  • Zinc coated sheet steel outer case with hard wearing finish

Eurotherm 301 PID Controller

Economical, general purpose temperature controller with a 4-digit display for setting and indicating actual measured temperatures. Ideal for applications where optimal control performance, product integrity and reliability are required.

 Model      CWF11/23           
 Temp. Max./Continuous        oC    1100/1000
 Heating time        mins     40 (1000oC)
 Volume litres 23   
 Dimensions, internal (external*)        height, mm      235 (705)
  width, mm 240 (505)
  length, mm 400 (675)
 Weight kg 68
 Rating, max. kW 7







*External dimensions are with the door closed.

With controller and chimney. For 230V 50Hz single phase supplies.

Safety Note - please check before ordering that the supply current is suitable for the power rating of the furnace.

High Temperature Furnaces

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