FURNACE TF1 12/60/300 1200/1100ºC 208-240V 50HZ A.C.

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  • Fully protected thermocouple
  • Energy efficient, utilising low thermal mass insulation
  • EPC3016P1 controller/programmer with up to 12 ramp and 12 dwell times, ethernet output
  • Choice of accessory worktubes

Eurotherm EPC3016P1 Controller/programmer

This controller offers programmable control in which 24 segments may be set as ramp, step or dwell and may also be configured to control relays. Ethernet communication is fitted as standard.

 Model      TF1 12/60/300           
 Temp. Max./Continuous        oC    1200/1100
 Heat-up time minutes 35
 Work tube capacity, max. bore, mm    60   
  heated length, mm 300
  uniform zone*, mm    177
 Dimensions  h x w x d, mm      Furnace module  575 x 495 x 480
  Controller 230 x 485 x 480
 Weight kg 37
 Rating, max. kW 1.5



 *Uniform zone temperature is ±5oC

With EPC3016P1 24-element controller, 2 metre connecting cable and ethernet output port. For 230V 50Hz single phase supplies. Without furnace worktube.

Note - Requires accessory furnace worktube (FX522-series) for operation

Safety Note - please check before ordering that the supply current is suitable for the power rating of the furnace.