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Underbench machine offering:

  • Compact size
  • 10 standard programmes covering most chemical or biological washing applications
  • Microprocessor controlled programming
  • Membrane keypad and backlit, graphics LCD readout with clock, calendar, timer, temperature, programme or machine status outputs, alarm function and troubleshooting menu
  • Drop-down door for easy loading
  • Hot and cold water filling
  • No special plumbing required
  • Dispenser for liquid detergent
  • Wash and rinse temperatures up to 95°C
  • Built-in water softener
  • Acid rinse and distilled/deionised water rinse facilities
  • Front opening easy access door
  • Separate RS232 serial ports for printer and PC connection if required


Ten standard programmes are provided by the microprocessor controller, all individually designed and tested for specific chemical or biological washing applications. In addition a further 40 custom programmes may be defined by the operator, if required.

Detergent. Built-in dispensers for liquid detergent.

Distilled/Deionised Water Rinse. Built-in pump for non-pressurised (e.g. storage aspirator) distilled/deionised water rinse. Can also be operated on pressurised distilled/deionised water supplies.

Neutralization/Acid Rinsing. Built-in pump automatically injects required amount of solution directly into washing machine chamber.

Water softener: Regeneration takes place automatically, only needs periodic addition of salt.

Installation and Services

Hot and cold water supplies are through flexible hoses. A separate distilled /deionised water inlet is provided. The emptying hose requires a discharge drain tube with inlet set from the floor minimum 320mm, maximum 800mm.

Water pressure: 1.5 to 5 bar for hot, cold and pressurised distilled. 0 to 0.5 bar for unpressurised distilled.

Power requirements: 230V 50Hz single phase, 30A, 2.8kW.


  H x W x D, mm
 Washing chamber        610 x 520 x 490                
 Overall           845 x 600 x 645*
 Weight 85kg      




*The door extends a further 610mm when open.

Effective washing heights

  • With basket trays on two levels: bottom level = 280mm, top level = 190mm
  • With Jet racks on two levels: bottom level = 240mm, top level = 205mm
  • With Jet rack on bottom level only = 460mm


The washing machine is supplied empty and requires basket trays with spray arms or jet racks for operation.


Orders for glassware washers can only be processed after completion of an installation check list detailing the user’s water/electrical supply requirements. Please contact us for details.