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Manufacturers Code: 5600-1001


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Robust polypropylene, hand pumps from Bürkle which are suitable for emptying a wide range of liquid containers. All parts in contact with the liquid are either polypropylene, Viton or PTFE so providing excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of liquids in common use. Supplied with a discharge pipe which can be screwed in firmly and turned upwards to prevent dripping. An accessory flexible discharge hose is available. These pumps are not suitable for handling highly flammable liquids.

                                                                                                                Static Electricity Hazards
 Attention is drawn to the need to use correct procedures to prevent any potential ignition hazards due to the accumulation of static electricity charges during pumping.   Correct procedures are described in BS5958 ‘Control of Undesirable Static Electricity’: Part 1 ‘General Considerations’ and Part 2 “Recommendations for Particular Industrial Situations’. In general there is a need to earth-clamp all metal parts of the pumping system, e.g. drum, pump tube and receiving vessel, using an earth conductor having a resistance to earth of not more than 10 Ohm. The use of plastic drums or vessels may increase the potential risks and their use in hazardous areas or with hazardous liquids should be carefully considered in the light of the recommendations of BS5958.