KOFLER HOT BENCH +50 TO +260ºC 230V 50HZ A.C.

KOFLER HOT BENCH +50 TO +260ºC 230V 50HZ A.C.

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Enables simple, rapid, melting point determinations from +50°C to +260°C. The substance is scattered across a heated surface, so additionally eutectic temperatures, behaviour of water of crystallisation, dissociation and volatility can be observed, leading to faster identification of organic compounds. With stainless steel plate 360 x 40mm L x W in which a linear temperature gradient is produced. A temperature scale with sliding pointer enables the temperature to be read at any point. The pointer can be adjusted to increase accuracy near the region of interest using calibration substances of known melting point. For 230V 50Hz single phase supplies, 100W.