LIQUID DIA. PUMP KNF NF1.300TT.18S 100-230V 50/60HZ

LIQUID DIA. PUMP KNF NF1.300TT.18S 100-230V 50/60HZ

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KNF Liquiport®, diaphragm, liquid pumps are convenient, simple, transfer or dosing pumps for corrosive or non-corrosive liquids.

General specifications:

  • Self-priming and able to run dry
  • PTFE-coated diaphragm and FFPM valves, with choice of pumphead material in contact with media - polypropylene, PVDF or PTFE
  • Low maintenance design
  • Continuously adjustable flow rate with dial control incorporating LED indicators which illuminate sequentially as the rate is increased

Performance data:

 Pump head material
 fluoride (PVDF)
 Maximum flow rate 
 (using water at 20°C
 and zero pressure head ) 
 ml per minute 
 0.5 to 3.0
 Maximum pressure head
 Maximum suction head
 Inlet and outlet nozzle
 Motor protection
 Overall                      height  















For 100-230V 50/60Hz single phase supplies.