Product Code: PX130-30

Manufacturers Code: 5202-2000


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Robust, polypropylene-bodied, manually operated piston drum pumps offering a choice of three seal options enabling use with a wide variety of fluids. In use the pump is positioned in the neck of the container using a tapered bung, a screwthreaded handwheel is tightened to form an airtight, evaporation- proof seal. Hand pumping pressurises the container forcing liquid up through the polypropylene sectional feeder pipe. The pump body has a built-in safety pressure relief valve. A dual action stainless steel sprung tap lever can be operated to dispense a measured volume or deliver continuous flow up to 20 litres per minute, and a snap-on flow restrictor enables small volumes to be dispensed.

Colour codes*

Blue    — With Nitrile valve and piston seals. Suitable for food, and oil-based fluids

Red     — With EPDM valve and piston seals. Suitable for non-food, aqueous solutions

Green  — With Viton valve and piston seals. Suitable for non-food, specialist applications

*Specific chemical compatibility data – details on request.

Supplied with four section feeder pipe, 1 metre long, three tapered bungs to fit sealed containers with internally or externally threaded neck openings of 49.5mm to 60.0mm diameter and outlet flow restrictor.

                                                                                                                Static Electricity Hazards
 Attention is drawn to the need to use correct procedures to prevent any potential ignition hazards due to the accumulation of static electricity charges during pumping.   Correct procedures are described in BS5958 ‘Control of Undesirable Static Electricity’: Part 1 ‘General Considerations’ and Part 2 “Recommendations for Particular Industrial Situations’. In general there is a need to earth-clamp all metal parts of the pumping system, e.g. drum, pump tube and receiving vessel, using an earth conductor having a resistance to earth of not more than 10 Ohm. The use of plastic drums or vessels may increase the potential risks and their use in hazardous areas or with hazardous liquids should be carefully considered in the light of the recommendations of BS5958.