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Quickfit® jointed glassware from Scilabware is a comprehensive range of laboratory articles with interconnecting joints, enabling simple to complex chemistry set-ups to be easily constructed and allowing a variety of analytical, development or educational tasks to be undertaken. Precision-engineered, ground glass joints with a standard taper and smooth surface ensure complete interchangeability of elements with the same joint size and the highest standards of leak-tightness.

Quickfit® is manufactured in clear, Pyrex® borosilicate glass, with a low coefficient of expansion, excellent chemical and heat resistance. It conforms to the following standards:

ISO 3585, DIN 12217 - Type 3.3 borosilicate glass
ASTM E-438 Type 1 - Class A borosilicate glass
US Pharmacopoeia - Type 1 borosilicate glass
European Pharmacopoeia - Type 1 glass

Further technical details are available on request.

Joint sizes are designated XX/XX, the prefix (XX/-) being the small diameter of the cone or socket and the suffix (-/XX) being the cone or socket height, i.e. size 24/29 has a 24mm diameter at its smallest point and the overall cone or socket height is 29mm.

A nine-part introductory set to the principle techniques of preparative organic chemistry. An ideal set for students. Supplied in a box with instruction booklet which contains notes on practical techniques and details of various experiments and preparations.

Comprises the following parts:

FP50/1        Pear shaped flask, 50ml

SH4/1         Stillhead  

C1/11/SC    Liebig condenser 

ST51/13      Screwcap adapter 

RA1/11        Receiver adapter  

MF5             Air leak/steam inlet tube

D31/1/50     Dropping funnel, 50ml with Rotaflo stopcock

TRF593       Plastic stopper