OVEN MEMMERT UF75plus +300ºC 74L FAN 230V 50/60HZ A.C.

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  • Stainless steel interior and exterior sides (external rear panel-zinc coated steel)
  • Temperature range ambient +20˚C to +300˚C
  • Forced air (fan) convection
  • With TwinDISPLAY controlCOCKPIT controller
  • Heaters located in ribs on all four sides provide uniform heating
  • Digital process timer, adjustable between 1 minute and 99 days, 23 hours
  • 10 year datalogger
  • SetpointWAIT function ensures that the process time is not initiated until the set temperature is reached at all measuring points
  • Temperature accuracy: up to 99˚C: ±0.1˚C, from 100˚C: ±0.5˚C
  • Supplied with two stainless steel wire grid shelves


Display of temperature (˚C or ˚F), fan speed and programme time. Includes two Pt100 DIN Class A temperature sensors in a 4 wire circuit, ethernet and USB interfaces and heatBALANCE function for adjustment of heating power distribution of the upper and lower heating groups in an adjustment range between -50% and +50%. Multiple overtemperature protection monitoring TWW/TWB (protection Class 3.1/3.2, respectively) and mechanical temperature limiter (TB Class 1) to DIN 12 880, with settings for individual maximum/minimum values for over/undertemperature alarms. Also includes AUTOSAFETY function which allows automatic adjustment to the set value within a freely adjustable tolerance range. With AtmoCONTROL logging software as SingleDISPLAY controller, but additionally includes display of the programme sequence created by the user, repeat functions which can be inserted anywhere within the control sequence and creation of repeating weekly programmes which can be transferred via ethernet or USB interfaces provided.

 Model       UF75plus
 Volume         litres      74
 Internal (external)            height, mm     560 (707)
   width, mm  400 (585)
   depth, mm  330 (434)                 
 Shelves supplied    2
 Max. no. of shelves held           6
 Max. loading per shelf grid         kg   30
 Max. loading of chamber  kg   120
 Power loading  kW  2.5
 Power supply    230V 50/60Hz single phase           
 Weight  kg  64










With TwinDISPLAY controller, integral process timer adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days, 23 hours, multiple overload protection, temperature and time TFT display, chamber ventilation slide adjustment and two stainless steel grid shelves. For 230V 50/60Hz single phase supplies.

Larger capacity models and factory-fitted options such as interior lighting are available to special order - please contact us for details