POTENT. TITRATOR TL7000-M1/50 50ML MODULE 100-240V 50/60HZ

POTENT. TITRATOR TL7000-M1/50 50ML MODULE 100-240V 50/60HZ

Product Code: TR480-30

Manufacturers Code: 285220160


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SI Analytics, Titroline®, innovative, multifunction titrators from Xylem are designed for routine, analytical and Q.C. applications within food, water, waste water and environmental testing regimes.

    • Typical applications:
      – Food: salt content, pH value, Formol number, ascorbic acid content, protein and/or calcium levels in dairy products, iodine number, sulphurous acid and/or reducing sugar content in wine and juices
      – Water/environment: pH value, permanganate index, Chemical Oxygen Demand, FOS/TAC (total volatile fatty acids/total inorganic carbon), chloride in waste water, Free and Total chlorine, Total Hardness, dissolved oxygen levels
    • High resolution pH/mV and temperature inputs
    • Polarisable electrode input for set end-point applications
    • Linear and dynamic equivalence point titration modes
    • Manual titration and routine dosing functions available
    • Membrane keypad operation
    • Interchangeable titrant delivery modules of 5ml, 10ml, 20ml or 50ml capacity with built-in RFID reagent data storage available
    • High visibility, colour graphics display with titration curve output and equivalence point values
    • USB and RS232C outputs allow connection with accessory peripherals such as a printer, balance, personal computer, manual titration controller or USB keyboard

General specifications:

 Measurement ranges
 -3.000 to 18.000 x 0.001
 ±2000.0 x 0.1
 0 to 100.0 x 0.1
 -75.0 to 175.0 x 0.1
 Dosing accuracy

 Dosing precision

 ±0.05 to 0.07 dependent on delivery module. 
 According to DIN EN ISO 8655 pt. 3 
 pH/mV with DIN or BNC socket, µA for double platinum electrode
 (polarisation voltage fully adjustable from 40 to 220mV).
 Pt1000 temperature probe (2 x 4mm socket).
 3 xc USB and 2 x RS232C
 Delivery module materials 
 PTFE/ETFE valve, borosilicate glass cylinder, FEP tubing
 Overall W x D x H
 153 x 296 x 450
 a.c. adapter requiring a 100-240V 50/60Hz single phase supply

















Supplied with magnetic stirrer, amber glass titrant reservoir bottle, GL45 and S40 bottle adapters, inlet tubing, drip tube, titration tip, a.c. adapter for 100-240V 50/60Hz single phase supplies and titrant delivery module with capacity as indicated. TR480-50 and -60 are additionally supplied with a standard pH combination/temperature electrode and calibration buffers.