PRECISION BALANCE A&D FX-300i 320X0.001G 230V 50/60HZ A.C.

PRECISION BALANCE A&D FX-300i 320X0.001G 230V 50/60HZ A.C.

Product Code: BD207-30

Manufacturers Code: FX-300i


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FX-i series balances


  • Weighing unit modes: g, oz, ozt, ct, mo, dwt, gn, tl, tla, lb, oz, with percentage, lb:oz, animal weighing, comparator, statistics and counting functions
  • Digital calibration using accessory external weight
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output
  • Large, bright, vacuum fluorescent display
  • Supplied with WinCT software to provide result downloading to the users’ PC in a Windows™  format using the built-in RS232C interface
  • FX-i-WP models have a sealed housing to IP65 protection level, allowing use in wet and dusty environments
  • Accessory USB-2 interface available for high-speed output
 Model       FX300i
 Capacity        g         320
 Readability         g  0.001
 Reproducibility  g  ±0.001
 Linearity  g  ±0.002
 Pan diameter  mm  130
 Overall W x H x D  mm  194 x 263 x 175* 
 Weight  kg  2.5







* Includes low-profile draught shield, maximum internal height 84mm.


Supplied with built-in RS232C  bidirectional interface,  data transfer software, a.c. adapter for 230V 50/60Hz single phase supplies and instruction manual..