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Designed to take readings of settleable solids of 5% or less in a variety of non-caustic liquids to any depth. Ideal for use in sewage, chemical or food processing plants. The Sludge Judge® is supplied in 3 x 1.53m (3ft) sections of 19mm (¾”) diameter plastic pipe with screw connectors. The pipe is marked every 0.3m (1ft) and holds appoximately 89ml (3oz.) of liquid between marks. The top section includes a nylon raising/lowering rope and the bottom section a float valve which opens when submerged and is closed by tugging the rope sharply upwards whilst raising. When the vent has been raised clear of the liquid, the amount of solids in the sample can be read. To release the material in the unit, a check pin at the base of the bottom section is tapped against a hard surface, which opens the check valve, draining the sample. Additional accessory centre sections can be purchased to extend the overall length of the Sludge Judge®.