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Quickfit® jointed glassware from Scilabware is a comprehensive range of laboratory articles with interconnecting joints, enabling simple to complex chemistry set-ups to be easily constructed and allowing a variety of analytical, development or educational tasks to be undertaken. Precision-engineered, ground glass joints with a standard taper and smooth surface ensure complete interchangeability of elements with the same joint size and the highest standards of leak-tightness.

Quickfit® is manufactured in clear, Pyrex® borosilicate glass, with a low coefficient of expansion, excellent chemical and heat resistance. It conforms to the following standards:

ISO 3585, DIN 12217 - Type 3.3 borosilicate glass
ASTM E-438 Type 1 - Class A borosilicate glass
US Pharmacopoeia - Type 1 borosilicate glass
European Pharmacopoeia - Type 1 glass

Further technical details are available on request.

Joint sizes are designated XX/XX, the prefix (XX/-) being the small diameter of the cone or socket and the suffix (-/XX) being the cone or socket height, i.e. size 24/29 has a 24mm diameter at its smallest point and the overall cone or socket height is 29mm.

To BS2071 where  applicable. Designed  primarily for use with proprietary makes of paper thimble and suitable sizes are listed below. Large samples may be placed directly in the extractor body.

 Recommended paper thimble sizes for Quickfit® soxhlet extractors:

 Extractor number 
 Recommended thimble 
 diameter x height, mm*   
 10 x 50
 18 x 65
 22 x 80
 28 x 80
 28 x 80
 28 x 120
 33 x 100
 41 x 123
 27 x 100
 33 x 100












* Note: The dimensions are internal and are given for single thickness thimbles only. If double thickness thimbles are used, the internal diameter should be 2mm less to allow for greater wall thickness.