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The Jenway Model 7200 diode array spectrophotometer incorporates the latest scanning technology to offer reliability and easy function.

  • Scanning diode array technology provides rapid, reliable scanning from 335 to 800nm in less than 10 seconds with excellent wavelength reproducibility
  • Colour touchscreen operation with 100mm wide display, ensuring full spectrum scans, quantitation curves and Kinetics runs can be viewed easily
  • Reversed optical architecture is not affected by ambient straylight, allowing measurement with the lid open and tall sample vessels to be accommodated
  • Diode array detection with 1024 elements and tungsten-halogen lamp gives good intensity over the visible range of the spectrum with low noise and drift
  • Two, separate USB ports are provided for data storage (front) and printer connectivity (rear)
  • Built-in, convenient cell rack moulded into the instrument body
 Model      7200
 Wavelength range        nm     335 to 800
 Bandwidth          nm 7
 Wavelength accuracy        nm  ±2                                 
 Light source         Tungsten-Halogen
 Repeatability nm ±2 
 Absorbance range  A -0.300 to 2.500A x 1A resolution             
 Photometric accuracy  A  ±0.1 (at 1.00 and 546nm) 
 Photometric noise  A  ±0.002 at 0.04A and ±0.02 at 2.0A and 546nm
 Straylight at 340nm  %  <1 according to ANSI/ASTM E387-72
 Concentration mode range   -2500 to +2500
  resolution  0.001
  calibration  Blank and 1 factor/standard
  factor   -1000 to +1000
 Optical density factor    -1000 to +1000
  standard   -1000 to +1000
 Quantitation mode range -2500 to +2500
  resolution   0.001
  calibration  Blank and up to 6 standards
  curve fit  Linear (and through zero)
 Kinetics mode time, secs  15 to 9999
  no. of wavelengths   3
  calibration  Blank and 1 factor/standard
  resolution   0.001
  analysis  concentration
 Spectrum range nm  335 to 800
 Spectrum analysis
 absorbance, or % transmission
 and up to 50 spectral points
 Beam height mm
 Outputs    2 x USB
 Dimensions H x W x D mm  120 x 212 x 422
 Weight kg  2.8
























Supplied with single 10mm cell/cuvette holder, instructions and universal power supply for 100-240V 50/60Hz single phase supplies.