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Dedicated life science spectrophotometer based on the Jenway 7315.

  • 5nm spectral bandwidth
  • Pre-programmed for DNA/RNA analysis, protein assay determination, cell density measurement, purity scan, multi-wavelength and concentration measurement modes
  • GLP compliant, with logging of time, date and user i.d., instrument and method locks
  • USB output port and USB flash drive supplied for results storage, analogue and RS232 outputs for connection to external recorder or user’s PC 
  • Accessory internal printer module available

Nucleic acid determination

Pre-programmed with methods for the measurement of ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and oligonucleotide concentration at wavelengths 260, 280 and 230nm, with optional concentration at 320nm. This mode has the 260/280nm and 260/230nm ratios pre-programmed, as well as a variable ratio option enabling up to 3 wavelengths to be entered in addition to the correction wavelength. A dilution option is also available to calculate the original concentration of diluted samples.

Protein assay determination

Pre-programmed for Bradford, Lowry, Biuret, Bicinchoninic acid (BCA) and Direct UV assays. Allows up to 12 standards, with 3 replicates of each standard, to be measured to create the standard curve. Replicate measurements can be set to automatically perform 3 readings sequentially from the same sample, or to enable a single measurement to be undertaken on three separate samples of the same concentration.

Cell density measurement mode

Bacterial cell cultures are routinely grown until optical clarity reaches 0.4 at 600nm, indicating the optimum cell number for harvesting. Measurements to monitor cell growth can be performed at any user-selected wavelength.

Purity scan measurement mode

For checking nucleic acid purity, particularly where impurities may be present at 230nm but undetectable using the 260/280nm ratio measurement method. Full wavelength range scanning available to identify any distorted peaks.

Multi-wavelength measurement mode

4 alternative wavelengths can be used for sample measurements with ratio calculations and formulae with various factors to calculate concentration.

Concentration measurement mode

Performs simple absorbance, % transmittance and concentration calculations with choice of up to 27 concentration units.

Supplied with micro-cuvette holder, USB memory stick and universal power supply for 100-240V 50/60Hz single phase supplies.

 Model      Genova Plus
 Wavelength range        nm     198 to 1000
 Bandwidth          nm 5
 Wavelength accuracy        nm  ±2                                 
 Light source         Pulsed xenon
 Repeatability nm ±0.5 
 Photometric ranges Transmittance         0 to 199.9% x 0.1% resolution ±1% accuracy           
  Absorbance -0.300 to 2.500A x 0.100A resolution ±0.1 accuracy (at 1.000)             
 Concentration modes range  -300 to 9999
  resolution Selectable 1/0.1/0.01/0.001
  calibration Blank and 1 factor/standard
  factor  1 to 10,000
  standard  1 to 1000
 Quantitation modes range -300 to 9999
  resolution  Selectable 1/0.1/0.01/0.001
  calibration Blank and up to 12 standards
  curve fit Quadratic, linear (and through zone), interpolate
 Kinetics modes time, secs 2 to 9999
  calibration Blank and 1 factor/standard
  resolution  Selectable 1/0.1/0.01/0.001
  analysis conc. rate of change, initial and final abs. or % trans.
 Scanning modes interval, nm Selectable 1/2/5
  analysis ABS, %T, peaks and valleys
 Outputs   Analogue, RS232, USB
 Dimensions H x W x D mm 220 x 275 x 400
 Weight kg 6