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Each strip measures 51 x 18mm, is self-adhesive and printed with a temperature range in 10 steps, both in °C and °F. The temperature sensitive strip is encapsulated to resist oil, water and steam. When subjected to heat, an irreversible colour change from silver white to black occurs along the strip in stages thereby recording the maximum temperature reached.

Note: temperature strips have a limited shelf-life which is maximised by storing within a sealed bag and in a refrigerated environment between +2 and +10ºC.

Strips with temperature ranges from 29 – 34ºC / 84 – 93ºF have approximately 6 months storage life

Strips with temperature ranges from 37 – 49ºC / 99 – 120ºF have approximately 12months storage life

Strips with temperature ranges from 54 – 290º / 130 – 554ºF have approximately 24 months storage life