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Brand® Transferpette® S-8 and S-12 series are modern, air displacement, multichannel, microlitre pipettors designed for pipetting either 8 or 12 identical volumes into titration plates.

General specifications:

  • Conformity certified
  • Fully autoclavable (at 121˚C for 20 minutes)
  • Designed for operator comfort over long term, repetitive pipetting
  • One-handed adjustment and 4-digit display with prismatic lens window for easy viewing
  • Central pipetting and independent tip ejector buttons are ergonomically positioned for operation in either hand and when wearing gloves
  • Viton ring sealing provides tight fitting of tips
  • All controls clearly separated to avoid errors
  • Manifold can be rotated for ease of use when pipetting a titration plate
  • Easy calibration without tools

Performance data:

 (A, ±%)
 Coefficient of  
 (CV, ±%) 
 Tips required, 
 colour code
 0.5 to 10
 5 to 50
 10 to 100 
 Yellow or Natural
 20 to 200 
 Yellow or Natural 
 30 to 300 










* Figures quoted are based on the maximum volume and distilled water at 20°C.

Supplied complete with performance certificate, a pack of pipette tips in a rack, a shelf, or rack, hanger, a set of Viton shaft seals and a reagent reservoir. 

                                                                                                              Conformity Certified  

Indicated by the symbol  "H" mark shows that the product has been manufactured by Brand under quality control procedures according to Eichordnung, the German Federal Weights and Measures Regulations. Provided the instrument is used with the recommended accessories and in accordance with the supplied instructions, Brand certify conformity with annex 12 of the Eichordnung.