WATER BATH GRANT SAP2 2L 99ºC MAX. 0.25kW 230V 50HZ A.C.

WATER BATH GRANT SAP2 2L 99ºC MAX. 0.25kW 230V 50HZ A.C.

Product Code: BJ158-02

Manufacturers Code: SAP2


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SUB Aqua Pro unstirred thermostatic water baths from Grant are suitable for a variety of basic heating tasks.

Model  SAP2 features:

  • Range: ambient +5°C to +99°C
  • Digital PID temperature control with simple push-button setting and wide-angled LED display, indicating the status of heating, 3 programmable temperature presets, front panel lock-out to prevent accidental adjustment to settings and 0 to 999 minute countdown timer with audible alarm at end of timed period
  • Adjustable dial setting, overtemperature cut-out and separate, fixed, thermal cut-out
  • The user can also calibrate the bath at one or two points to optimise uniformity
  • Stability at 70°C (DIN 12876) ±0.2°C
  • Supplied with clear polycarbonate lid

With stainless steel tank in outer case of zinc-treated steel and a polycarbonate base tray to promote heat convection and optimise temperature uniformity. The heaters and temperature sensors are are bonded to the underside of the tank, optimising working space and temperature uniformity. For 230V 50Hz single phase supplies, 0.25kW.

Dimensions and accessory information:

 Grant Model
 Internal dimensions 
 L x W x D, mm
 Rack series and
 number accepted 
 PB1       3.5       225 x 120 x 80  3 x P1  LP1
 SAP2       2  125 x 140 x 115  -  AQL2        
 SAP2S (low-form)  2  145 x 290 x 30  -  AQL5, LU6 
 JBA5, JBN5, SAP5, SBB5   5  145 x 290 x 115  1 x J2  AQL5, LU6
 JBA12, JBN12, SAP12, SBB12   12  315 x 290 x 115  2 x J2  AQL12, LU14 
 JBA18, JBN18, SAP18, SBB18  18  495 x 290 x 115  3 x J2  AQL26, LU28
 JBA26, JBN26, SAP26, SBB26   26  495 x 290 x 165  4 x J2  AQL26, LU28
 SAP34  34  630 x 290 x 160   6 x J2  LU36
 SAP Dual (for two-temperature  
 5 and
 145 x 290 x 115 and
 315 x 290 x 115
 1 x J2 and
 2 x J2
 AQL5, LU6 and 
 AQL12, LU14